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Oil & Gas Engineering Consultantcy

Based in the San Juan Basin of Northern New Mexico, MuleShoe Engineering can address issues in Coalbed Methane, Low Pressure Operations, Gas Measurement, Oil Field Construction, Artificial Lift, and Project Management wherever your operation is.


Mechanical issues in Oil & Gas operations run the gamut from artificial lift, to equipment selection, to pipeline modeling, design, and construction to scale and corrosion issues.  MuleShoe Engineering can help address the entire range of opportunities.

Familiarity with federal land-use and environmental regulations can prevent a costly misstep.  Access to experts in state and federal regulations helps speed the process of regulatory approval on projects.  Knowledge of the requirements of the Spill Prevention, Pollution Control (SPCC) Regulations reduces the risk of problems with the impending regulations.

If you have a problem with collecting, moving, or storing hydrocarbon products MuleShoe Engineering can help.


MuleShoe Engineering
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