Oil & Gas Engineering Consultancy

Based in the San Juan Basin of Northern New Mexico, MuleShoe Engineering can address issues in Coalbed Methane, Low Pressure Operations, Gas Measurement, Oil Field Construction, Artificial Lift, and Project Management wherever your operation is.

Mechanical issues in Oil & Gas operations run the gamut from artificial lift, to equipment selection, to pipeline modeling, design, and construction to scale and corrosion issues.  MuleShoe Engineering can help address the entire range of opportunities.

Familiarity with federal land-use and environmental regulations can prevent a costly misstep.  Access to experts in state and federal regulations helps speed the process of regulatory approval on projects.  Knowledge of the requirements of the Spill Prevention, Pollution Control (SPCC) Regulations reduces the risk of problems with the impending regulations.  If you have a problem with collecting, moving, or storing hydrocarbon products MuleShoe Engineering can help.

What's Here?

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Every consultancy, like every web site must have a reason for existing.  MuleShoe Engineering's reason for existing is to provide high-quality consulting services to the upstream gas industry.  The web site is here to showcase the range and quality of our work.  The navigation tabs each try to showcase another aspect of our business:

  • The GasBuster tab takes you to information about the GasBuster patented technology to help you understand why this single vessel can allow you to eliminate tanks, transfer pumps, and haul trucks on a wellsite location.
  • The Training tab takes you to information about the training products that MuleShoe Engineering offers
  • The Samples tab contains documents and links that are often useful in their own right.  These documents are free to download and we sincerely hope that they prove to be useful.  When you are using them, please ask yourself "if they are giving information of this quality away for free, what do you get if you pay them?"
  • The Owner's Resume tab is trying to show you who "we" are and how we got to the point of being qualified to work on your issues
  • The Services tab is there because it is supposed to be there.  Every project that MuleShoe Engineering has ever participated in has been unique, and they always have facets that are not included in the services list
  • The Contact tab shows all the ways to contact the company in a single location

Strategic Oil and Gas Engineering Solutions

Succeeding in the oil and gas industry requires the right people to resolve business issues using accurately researched data and the correct tools. When you need strategic and effective oil and gas engineering solutions, you can count on MuleShoe Engineering. Along with our consultancy services, we also offer training courses to improve in-house knowledge and equip your employees with the necessary skills in
preparation for any challenge.