Samples of Work Products
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The following documents are examples of the scope of work that MuleShoe Engineering can perform. 

Practical Onshore Gas Field Engineering delivers the necessary framework to help engineers understand the needs of the reservoir, including sections on the source of hydrocarbons, drilling, production operations, wellsite facilities, gas gathering, water gathering and disposal, compression, and plant operations.


Coalbed Methane Samples


Producing Coalbed Methane at High Rates at Low Pressures (SPE84509, PDF, 340 kB)

Coal Bed Methane Production (SPE80900, PDF, 348 kB)

Deliquification Samples

Low Pressure Deliquification (250k, pdf)

2006 Four Corners Oil & Gas Conference


Low Pressure Gas Well Deliquification (Oil & Gas Journal Article, PDF, 1171 kB)

Deliquification vs. Artificial Lift Presentation Handouts (PDF, 944 kB)

Produced Water Handouts (.pdf 1 MB)

Shale Gas (605 kB, pdf)

Published Papers at ENGINEERING.COM

One Engineer's Perspective on Global Warming

Pneumatic Testing of Pipelines as an Alternative to Hydrostatic Testing

New Processes are Needlessly Reducing the Recovery from Onshore Gas Fields

Orkney Islands Use Renewables to Generate 103% of Power Needs

Gathering System Samples


Static Test Considerations (150 kB)

Safety Considerations for Purging Lines (82 kB)

Rules of Thumb for Gathering System Equipment (PDF, 52 kB)

Compressor Station Piggable Bypass (PDF, 40 kB)


Gas Measurement Samples

Primary Elements (PDF, 45 kB)

In Situ Tests of Installed Measurement Equipment (PDF, 262 kB)

Environmental Samples

Vented Gas from Wellsite Control Equipment (SPE61030, PDF, 64kB)

Economic Effect of Metering Wellsite Fuel Gas (190 kB)


Facilities Selection Impacts Reservoir Performance (77 kB)

Facilities Selection Presentation Handouts

Useful Links

Technical Forum for Engineering Professionals (ENG-TIPS.COM)


The Rocky Mountain Oil Journal